I recently met a couple of interns researching and writing on various topics at the Commission as a part of the internship programme. I was surprised to see that most often than not, they waste have to spend considerable amount of time in writing introductory paragraphs on the evolution on Indian Competition Law. The time allotted to them is 30 days for submitting a report on a chosen topic approved by the mentor, but the actual working time in the Commission comes out to be 20 days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, out of which 4 days have been made compulsory for the Interns to visit and observe the working of various branches of the Commission, leaving them with about 16 working days at the Commission. This is a significant difference from the time I was an intern there, since the internship period was 3 months then.

I was fortunate enough along with another intern Pradeep Tiwari to see the Commission coming into existence. We were delighted to be a part of the time that no other person apart from the few officials present would ever see. A lot of time has passed after that but the day is very clearly etched in our minds.

As a Valentine’s Day present to the interns there now and more in the future, I am very glad to share the various reports and discussions that form a part of the formulation of Indian Competition Law, all under one roof.

Please feel free to email me at pranavmehra@live.com if I have left anything or for any other update.

Policy National Competition Policy 2011 (Draft pending for approval in parliament)
Act Indian Competition Act 2002 (as amended)
Amendment Bill Indian Competition (Amendment) Bill 2012 (As introduced in Lok Sabha, pending with Parliamentary Standing Committee of Lok Sabha)
Previous Act Indian Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1969 (Repealed)
General Regulations General Regulations 2009 (Incorporating 1st amendment)
General Amendment Regulations 2011 (Amendment of 2011, unincorporated above)
Combination Regulations Combination Regulations 2011 (as amended upto 23-02-2012)
Whistleblowing Regulations Lesser Penalty Regulations 2009
Cost of Production Regulations Determination of Cost of Production Regulations 2009
Historical documents on the formulation of Indian Competition Law & Policy
Singapore Ministerial Declaration Singapore Ministerial Declaration of 1996
Working Group on the Interaction between Trade and Competition Policy WT/WGTCP/W/24 10 July 1997
WT/WGTCP/W/79 24 July 1998
WT/WGTCP/W/110 16 November 1998
WT/WGTCP/W/149 18 September 2000
WT/GC/W/459 6 November 2001
WT/WGTCP/W/215 26 September 2002
WT/WGTCP/W/216 26 September 2002
WT/GC/W/513 23 August 2003
WT/GC/W/522 12 December 2003
Report of High Level Committee on Competition Policy & Law Report of High Level Committee on Competition Policy & Law – SVS Raghavan Committee 2000
Competition Bill 2001 Competition Bill 2001
93rd Report on Competition Bill 2001 Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs – 93rd Report on Competition Bill 2001
Writ Petition (Civil) 490 of 2003 Brahm Dutt vs Union of India | 20 Jan 2005
Competition Amendment Bill 2006 Competition Amendment Bill 2006 (As introduced, later withdrawn)
44th Report by Standing Committee on Finance Forty-fourth Report on the Competition (Amendment) Bill 2006
2nd Administrative Reforms Commission Recommendations 4th Report of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission – Recommendations on Promoting Competition (2007)
Working Group on Competition Policy Report of the Working Group on Competition Policy (2007)
Competition Amendment Bill 2007 Competition Amendment Bill 2007 (As Introduced)
Competition Amendment Bill 2007 (As passed by Lok Sabha)
11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012) Chapter 11 on Consumer Protection and Competition Policy (2008)
Competition (Amendment) Ordinance 2009 Competition (Amendment) Ordinance 2009 (Repeals MRTP Act)
Competition Amendment Bill 2009 Competition Amendment Bill 2009 (As Introduced)
Competition Amendment Bill 2009 (As passed by Lok Sabha)
Competition Amendment Bill 2009 (As passed by both houses)
11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012) – Mid Term Appraisal 11th Five Year Plan – Mid Term Appraisal (2011)
Competition (Amendment) Bill 2012 Indian Competition (Amendment) Bill 2012 (Pending with Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee of Lok Sabha)