Taj Mahal

The Indian Competition Law Group (ICLG) is glad to launch a newsletter on the state of Competition Law in India. This first issue of Conspicuous Competition provides you with the latest update on the Indian competition regulator, status of the investigations before it, and the recent orders passed in the last two weeks.

2012 has been extremely rewarding for us. Our online group registered a massive growth with 850 plus members on board. We went from a closed group to an open but moderated group in May 2012, which meant that our future discussions were now fully visible, searchable, and shareable on the Web. 2012 also happened to be special in a lot of distinct ways than I can remember. First we used our full resources and time to get this group started. After a month of its active state we send invites to a few people we knew to get a honest opinion on the way we were going. Not only we received a fantastic feedback, we also established good relations within the industry. Gradually we saw that the people who wanted to be the members were coming from contacts who were praising us in our contributions to the void that had been there from a long time. But we have been very careful in our process of selecting people to become members of the Group. We are proud to have you and believe that as you grow professionally, we hope to get benefit from your experience and vice versa. Nobody is as strong as all of us put together!

I hope that you would like the newsletter, and appreciate the hard work that has gone into making it. We encourage you to come back to us with your feedback by way of comments, suggestions and views to enable us to improve the quality of coverage.

Before I conclude this, I just want to say…. Wish you a very Happy 2013 !!!